United States 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program


The 21st CCLC Program is a grant program supports the creation of community learning centers that conduct programs for students. The Community Learning Center is a federally funded program.

What is 21st Century Community Learning Centers ?

Awards are made to State Education Agencies, which in turn manage statewide competitions and award grants to eligible entities. Faith-based organizations are eligible to participate in this program.

Who is Eligible for 21st CCLC Program ?

The 21st CCLC program is implemented at several different levels. The core implementation starts at the federal level then is moved to the state level and is finally distributed at the local level to the eligible entities on the front lines.

21st CCLC Program Organizational Structure

Many states around the country are conducting competitions to award Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center grants. The State Contact List now includes links to State websites and recent RFPs.

How to Get the Grant of 21st CCLC Program ?

Each institution that receives the award can use the funds to complete a wide range of after- or pre-school activities to advance student achievement.

Which Activities are Included in 21st CCLC Program ?

You for Youth (y4y.ed.gov) online professional learning community helps local and state 21st Century Community Learning Centers program staff and their stakeholders to share best practices and connect with each other.

Resources for 21st CCLC Program

How to Entroll for 21st CCLC Program ?


Enroll your child by completing the 'Enrollment Application' through the Google Form for the child you wish to enroll.