"Advanced Placement (AP) Exam"

What is it, Eligibility, Dates, Fees, Duration, Syllabus and Registration

What is Advanced Placement Exam ?

AP Exam is a program created by College Board and accepted in the US and Canada. This program offers university-level courses and exams which students can take while they are in high school. 

How a AP Exam Works ?

AP Exam is a standardized test that allows high school students to demonstrate their knowledge and earn college credit for qualifying scores in various academic subjects.

Who is Eligible for AP Exam ?

Eligibility for taking AP exams is generally open to any high school student, regardless of their grade level. Students from 9th to 12th grade can participate in AP courses and exams.


How Long are AP Exams ?

The length of Advanced Placement (AP) exams can vary depending on the subject. In general, most AP exams are between 2 to 3 hours in duration.

Advanced Placement Exam Fees 2024

The fee for each Advanced Placement (AP) exam in the United States is approximately $97. However, fees can vary slightly from year to year and may be subject to change.

Advanced Placement Exam Dates

The two weeks of May 2024 that the AP Exams will be administered in schools are May 6–10 and May 13–17. If students are unable to test within the weeks of May, late testing dates are offered.

How to Register for AP Exams ?

check syllabus & more

Students usually register for AP exams through their high schools. The registration process typically takes place in the first few months of the school year.