United States
"Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit"

What is Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit ?

The alternative motor vehicle credit is a tax credit given to individuals who purchase vehicles that derive their power from alternative energy sources.

Who is Eligible for Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit ?

You must be the original owner or lessor of the vehicle and operate it mostly in the United States in order to be eligible for the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit.

Requirements of Vehicle Certification

For the vehicle to qualify for the tax credit, it must also meet certification standards for the make, model, and model year in addition to the fuel-burning technological criteria.

Who purchase fuel-cell vehicles can save money on taxes dollar for dollar. You might be eligible for a $4,000 credit, if you bought a fuel cell-powered vehicle.

How Much is Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit ?

How to Claim Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit ?

To calculate and claim the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit, taxpayers must submit IRS Form 8910 and include it with your tax return.

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