"Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)"
By US Department of Agriculture

What is Conservation Reserve Program ?

CRP is administered by FSA that provides financial incentives to agricultural landowners in exchange for converting environmentally sensitive land to long-term conservation practices.

How Conservation Reserve Program Works ?

Under CRP program, landowners enter into contracts with the USDA to take eligible land out of agricultural production for a set period of time, typically 10 to 15 years. 

Who is Eligible for Conservation Reserve Program ?

CRP is open to landowners and operators and the land should have been used for agricultural purposes, be at risk of erosion or have high wildlife habitat value.


How Much Does CRP Program Pay ?

Payment rates for CRP vary based on several factors, including the location, productivity of land & current market conditions. The USDA determines the rental rates for contracts.

Conservation Reserve Program Payments

In exchange for enrolling their land in the CRP, landowners receive rental payments or cost-share assistance for establishing the conservation covers and other financial incentives.

Conservation Reserve Program Benefits

CRP helps to reduce soil erosion, protect water quality & enhance wildlife habitat. It covers can include grasses, trees, and other vegetation that are beneficial for the environment.

How to Enroll for Conservation Reserve Program ?


To offer land for enrollment, contact the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) office nearest you.