"Creditable Coverage for Medicare"

United States

Health insurance or prescription drug coverage that meets or exceeds the coverage provided by Medicare is defined as creditable coverage.

What is Creditable Coverage ?

Creditable coverage refers to health insurance that covers as much as or more than Medicare Part A & B. It also refers to prescription drug benefits that cover as much as or more than Medicare Part D.

How the Creditable Coverage Works ?

Key requirements include, types of medications it covers, the pharmacies you’re allowed to go to, your expected costs, and the maximum annual benefit of the plan.

Requirements for Creditable Coverage

You may already have a plan through your employer, union, or another source that’s considered creditable or you may be eligible to sign up for one.

Plans for Creditable Coverage


You'll get this notice each year if you have drug coverage from an employer/union or other group health plan. Notice will let you know whether or not your drug coverage is creditable.

Notice of Creditable Coverage

When and How to Send the Creditable Coverage Notices ?


It is not necessary to mail the Notice of Creditable Coverage separately.

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