"Direct Stock Purchase Plan (DSPP)"

What is Direct Stock Purchase Plan ?

A direct stock purchase plan is a program that enables individual investors to buy a company's stock directly from that company without the intervention of a broker.

How the DSPP Works ?

DSPP collect orders and make the actual stock purchases on a set schedule at an average price for another period, which means you don’t know the share price when you place a purchase order.

What Companies offer a DSPP ?

While not offered by all publicly traded firms, direct purchase plans are available at some of biggest companies in US, including Campbell Soup, Walmart, Coca-Cola, Intel & Starbucks.


How are Direct Stock Purchase Plan Used ?

DSPP allows investor to buy shares of company’s stock from the company itself or company’s selected agent. It allow investors to purchase fractional shares for as little as $25.

Benefits of Direct Stock Purchase Plan

Direct stock purchase plans are commission-free or relatively low. These plans offer a quick and automatic way for long-term investors to accumulate shares over time.

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How to Buy Direct Stock Purchase Plan ?

Investors will need to set up an account and deposit minimum amount. Most plans work by having investors electronically transfer money to their accounts.