Dr. E.F. Codd's 12 Rules for Relational Databases

Dr. E.F. Codd was a computer scientist who developed a set of 12 rules for relational databases.

These rules were designed to ensure the quality and consistency of relational databases.

The first rule states that all information in a relational database should be represented in a table with rows and columns.

The second rule states that each row in a table should be uniquely identifiable.

The third rule states that all columns in a table should be atomic, meaning they cannot be further subdivided.

The fourth rule states that the relationships between tables should be represented by values in the tables themselves.

The fifth rule states that the ordering of rows and columns in a table should not affect the meaning of the data.

The sixth rule states that updates to a table should not result in the creation of new relationships between tables.

The seventh rule states that the system should be able to support multiple views of the data.