Meaning, Types, Uses, Advantages, Disadvantages & Alternative E-Commerce Strategies

"Electronic Commerce


Electronic Commerce commonly denotes different types of transactions involved in commercial activities. E-commerce has developed a new environment with the help of Internet in business.

What is E-Commerce ?

E-Commerce contains both organisational as well as individual activities which include the processing and transmission of digitized data such as text, pictures, sound and video, etc.

Activities of

Several types of e-commerce models are in use today. The major types of Electronic Commerce are, B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, B2G, B2A and C2A.

Types of E-Commerce

Faster buying process, Flexibility for customers, Store and product listing creation, Cost reduction, Affordable advertising and marketing are the benefits of E-Commerce.

Advantages of

Lack of Security, Low Bandwidth, Some Legal Issues, Not All Customers have Access to Internet and Customers Relation Problems are the limitations of E-Commerce.

Disadvantages of

E-commerce is an online selling network. This effective way of buying allows the customer to create a bulk order online, this, therefore, cuts out the hassle and is a quicker and easier transaction.

Why E-commerce is Used ?

Alternative Electronic Commerce Strategies

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Alternative e-commerce strategies reveal different commerce strategies developed with the help of integration of business processes with new internet technologies.