United States
"Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)"

What is Electronic Federal Tax Payment System ?

EFTPS tax payment service is provided free by US Department of the Treasury. EFTPS helps individual and business taxpayers pay their federal taxes electronically. 

How Does the EFTPS Work ?

After enrolled you can pay any tax due to IRS using EFTPS. you can schedule automatic withdrawals for estimated taxes, specifying the amounts & dates of payments.

What Payments can be made through EFTPS ?

You can use EFTPS to make non-depository payments of Federal income, estimated taxes, employment, payroll taxes, corporate taxes, and specified excise taxes.


Schedule EFTPS Payments

With EFTPS schedule payment instructions up to 365 days in advance if you are individual & 120 days in advance for businesses. Payments can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly & quarterly.

Types of EFTPS Payments

There are two payment modes of EFTPS, ACH Debit (Authorize a transaction yourself) and ACH Credit (Have your Financial Institution initiate your transaction).

How to Make EFTPS Payments ?

With EFTPS you can conveniently pay taxes either online or by phone from anywhere, 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s easy, with step-by-step directions that help you make payments in minutes.

Who Should Use EFTPS ?

EFTPS is ideal for both business entities and individuals, EFTPS allows individuals and businesses to make their tax and estimated tax payments securely online using their bank accounts. 

How to Enroll in Electronic Federal Tax Payment System ?


EFTPS service allows taxpayers to enroll either by online or telephone. Visit EFTPS or call Customer Service to request an enrollment form.