Definition, Objectives, Phases, Role, Importance and More

"Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP)"


EDP is formulated to assist the individuals in reinforcing their entrepreneurial motives, attaining skills which is essential for performing an entrepreneurial role successfully.

What is Entrepreneurial Development Programme ?

EDP is designed to help an individual in strengthening his entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring skills and capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively.

Definition of EDP

To expand the sources of entrepreneurship, To make people learn compliance with law and To investigate the environmental set-up relating to small industries and small businesses.

Objectives of EDP

All the Entrepreneurial Development Programme mainly consists of three phases, which are Pre-Training Phase, Training Phase and Post-Training Phase.

What are the Phases of EDP ?

The overall objectives of EDP are mainly to help in the rapid growth of the economy by supplying skilled entrepreneurs. This programme primarily aims at providing self-employment to the young generation.

What are the Role of EDP ?

What are the Importance of EDP ?

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Importance of EDPs include, Formation of Employment Opportunities, Provides Adequate Capital, Improved Standard of Living and Reducing Social Tension.