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"Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program"

What is Federal Work Study Program ?

FWS is a federally funded financial aid program, and is designed to assist students in meeting the cost of higher education by promoting access to meaningful work experiences.

How the Work-Study Program Works ?

The hourly wage or salary earned through work-study can be credited to school accounts to cover tuition and fees, or it can be paid directly to student as a check or direct deposit.

Who is Eligible for Federal Work-Study ?

Both full and part-time students enrolled at participating schools and students with financial need are eligible for work-study at all education levels.


Types of Work-Study Jobs

Work-study jobs are depend on the school you're attending, but they often include administrative, research & library positions. There may be off-campus positions for as well.

How Much Does Work-Study Jobs Pay ?

Your total work-study award depends on, when you apply, level of financial need and school’s funding level. The federal minimum wage is the lowest rate you can be paid. 

How Does Work-Study Jobs Pay ?

If you are an undergraduate student, you're paid by the hour. If you are a graduate or professional student, you're paid by the hour or by salary, depending on the work you do.

How to Apply for Federal Work-Study ?


To determine whether you are eligible to receive assistance through FWS program, you must first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.