What is it, How it works, Eligibility, Examples, Advantages, Cost, How to calculate and How to get fringe benefits ?

"Fringe Benefits"

Fringe benefits are additional perks or benefits that an employer offers to their employees in addition to their regular wages or salaries. It help companies recruit & keep high-quality employees.

What is Fringe Benefits ?

Fringe benefits refer to non-salary compensation provided by employers. These benefits can help employers attract employees, as well as provide additional incentives for their workers. 

How Fringe Benefits Works ?

Eligibility for fringe benefits varies depending on specific benefits and employer's policies. Employers determine which employees are eligible based job position & length of service.

Who is Eligible for Fringe Benefits ?

Fringe benefits can include a wide range of offerings, such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, wellness programs, company cars, and more.

Examples of Fringe Benefits


Cost of fringe benefits can vary depending on employer, type of benefit & employee's job position. In many cases, these benefits can be tax-deductible for employer & tax-free for employee.

Cost of Fringe Benefits

As an employee, you may be eligible for fringe benefits offered by your employer. Accessing fringe benefits as an employee may require some initial effort, but can offer valuable perks.

How to Get Fringe Benefits ?

How to Calculate Fringe Benefits ?

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Calculating fringe benefits may vary depending on the type of benefit, specific policies and practices of employer. Below are general guidelines for calculating.