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"Google (Alphabet) Stock Price Prediction"

Google is one of the biggest technology corporations in the world. In 2015, Google underwent a reorganization and becoming a subsidiary of an organization called Alphabet.

What is Google (Alphabet Inc.) ?

The price of Alphabet stock is anticipated to be at $148.06 per share by mid-year and to increase slightly to $171.10 by year's end in 2023, per projections.

Google Stock Forecast 2023 

Throughout the first six months of 2024, it is anticipated that Alphabet's (GOOG) stock price will surge to $221.80 from a starting point of around $207.29.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2024 

In 2025 price predictions for Google is $299.43, with a high estimate of $320.39 and a low estimate of $279.84. Estimate represents an increase over the going rate.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2025 

In 2026, anticipated that Google stock will cost $341.41 by the middle of the year before rising to $390.88 by the end of the year.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2026 

Experts predict that Google stock will be worth $419.93 in 2027. By the middle of 2027, Google stock will be at $449.32, and by the end of the year, it will be at $480.78.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2027 

Google share price will start at $508 minimum. By the middle of 2028, it should be valued about $543.68. The stock is anticipated to trade for $581.74.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2028 

The stock price of Google is anticipated to rise sharply in 2029 and reach $609.74 by the middle of the year. In final six months of the year, it rising to $698.09.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2029 

By the end of 2030, analysts predict that the price of Google stock will be $769.85, with a high estimate of $823.74 and a low estimate of $719.49.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2030 

The price of Google stock may fluctuate between $3,669.95 to $4,201.73. Hence, $3,926.85 should be the average price of Google stock in 2040.

Google Stock Forecast 2040

In 2050, Price of Google stock will be between $14,847 and $16,998.33, with an average cost of $15,886.29.

Google Stock Price Prediction 2050

Is Google a Good Long Term Stock ?

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Google (Alphabet) is a potential stock that will be profitable in the long term. You can move forward based on our analysis.