"Guide to Filing Taxes as Head of Household in the United States"

What is Head of Household ?

Head of household is a term used in the context of taxes to designate a specific filing status for unmarried individuals who provide financial support for a household that includes a qualifying person.

How Head of Household Works ?

The head of household refers to a filing status that provides a larger standard deduction and potentially lower tax rates, resulting in reduced tax liability.

Who is Eligible for Head of Household ?

To file as Head of Household, you must be unmarried, have a qualifying dependent, and pay more than half the cost of maintaining a home for yourself and your dependent.

What is Standard Deduction for Head of Household ?

For the tax year 2023, the standard deduction for Head of Household filing status is $20,800 for individuals who are considered unmarried and have a qualifying child or dependent.

Benefits of Head of Household

Benefits of filing as Head of Household include a potentially lower tax rate, a higher standard deduction, and eligibility for certain tax credits and deductions such as CTC or EITC.

Required Documents for Head of Household

The required documents for claiming Head of Household typically include your dependent's Social Security number, proof of qualifying relationship, & records of household expenses.

How to File a Head of Household ?

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To report Head of Household on your tax return, you must indicate your filing status as Head of Household and provide the necessary documentation.