"IELTS Exam"

International English Language Testing System

What is IELTS Exam ?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

Types of IELTS Exams

IELTS exam is available in two modules: Academic and General Training. Academic version is taken by undergraduate or postgraduate level. General Training is commonly used for immigration purposes.

IELTS Exam Format

IELTS test consists of 4 sections: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The Listening, Reading & Writing sections are conducted on the same day, while Speaking section may be scheduled within a week.


Who is Eligible for IELTS Exam ?

IELTS exams is open to individuals of all ages and educational backgrounds who wish to assess their English language proficiency.

IELTS Exam Fees

The cost of the IELTS exam varies depending on the country and the organization that administers the test. In general, the IELTS exam fee is typically in the range of $150 to $250 USD.

IELTS Exam Scores

IELTS uses a nine-band scoring system, with band scores ranging from 1 (non-user) to 9 (expert user). Each module is scored individually and the overall band score is an average of four individual scores.

IELTS Exam Dates

The IELTS exam dates varies depending on the test center and location. The IELTS exam is typically offered multiple times a month, including weekends and weekdays, to accommodate the demand.

IELTS Exam Results

IELTS results are usually available online 13 calendar days after the test. You will receive a Test Report Form (TRF) that shows your scores. The TRF is valid for two years from the test date.

How to Register for IELTS Exam ?

You can register for IELTS exam online through the official IELTS website or by visiting the authorized test center in your region. The registration process may vary depending on location.