What is it, Eligibility, Cost, Terms, Benefits & How to Get ?

Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)

What is Indexed Universal Life Insurance ?

Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a type of life insurance policy that combines a death benefit with the potential for cash value growth tied to the performance of a stock market index.

How IUL Insurance Works ?

With an IUL insurance policy, a portion of the premium you pay goes towards the cost of insurance coverage, while the remaining amount is allocated towards a cash value account.


Who is Eligible for Indexed Universal Life Insurance ?

Eligibility for IUL insurance typically extends to individuals who meet the age and health status requirements and can afford the premium payments.

Cost of Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Cost of IUL insurance varies depending on factors such as the insured's age, health, coverage amount, and policy features, with premiums typically higher than traditional life insurance.

IUL policies offer flexibility in premium payments, allowing you to adjust the amount and timing of payments. Additionally, you have the ability to modify the death benefit amount and death benefit is tax-free. 

How to Open Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy ?

To apply for IUL insurance, research and compare policies from reputable insurance companies, gather necessary information, and contact an insurance agent.

Best Indexed Universal Life Insurance Companies

There are several reputable insurance companies that offer IUL insurance policies. Below are some well-known insurance companies.