"IRS Form 4868"
(Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return)

What is IRS Form 4868 ?

Form 4868 is a tax form used by individuals to request an extension of time to file their federal income tax return. Filing Form grants individuals an additional 6 months to file their tax return. 

Individuals who owe taxes should estimate the amount owed and pay it by the original due date of the tax return to avoid penalties and interest.

Who Can File Form 4868 ?

Form 4868 can be submitted by US citizen or resident who needs an automatic extension. Taxpayer who lives outside of the country will receive an additional 4 months after submitting this form.


Deadline for Tax Extension

April 18, 2023, is the deadline for submitting your 2022 taxes or requesting an extension. You'll have until October 16, 2023 to submit your 2022 tax return if you request an extension.

How to File Form 4868 ?

IRS Form 4868 can be filed electronically or by mail and must be submitted by the original filing deadline of the tax return.

Where to Mail Form 4868 ?

If you'd rather mail a copy of extension request to the IRS, the instructions for Form 4868 provide a page with a list of addresses. Depending on your state, you might use a different address.

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How to Get an IRS Form 4868 ?

You can download the all versions of Form 4868 on the IRS website or request to have a paper form mailed to you by filling out an order form on the IRS website.