IRS Form 9465
"Installment Agreement Request"

What is Form 9465 ?

Form 9465 is a Internal Revenue Service form used for requesting a monthly installment plan for paying your federal tax liability if you cannot afford to pay your taxes in full when they are due.

How Form 9465 Works ?

Once you filled out Form 9465, submit it to IRS along with your tax return or separately. The IRS will review your request and either approve, modify, or deny your proposed installment agreement.

Who Can File Form 9465 ?

Any individual, business, taxpayers with tax debts under $10,000, or entity that owes federal taxes can use Form 9465 to request an installment agreement.


Form 9465 must be filed by the tax return due date, typically April 15th, and extensions (up to 120 days) for filing the form must also be requested by this deadline to avoid late payment penalties.

Benefits of IRS Form 9465

IRS Form 9465 allows taxpayers to request an installment agreement, providing them with a structured repayment plan and potentially reducing penalties for late payment.

Where to Send Form 9465 ?

Form 9465 can be submitted through the mail, online (for eligible taxpayers), or in person at an IRS office. The mailing address can vary depending on your location and the type of tax return you filed.

How to Fill Out Form 9465 ?

Filling out Form IRS 9465 involves providing detailed information about your financial situation and proposing a reasonable monthly payment plan for your tax liability