"IRS Form W-9"
(Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)

What is a Form W-9 ?

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form W-9 identifies the name, address, and taxpayer identification number of each vendor or independent contractor who provides a business with goods or services. 

How Does Form W-9 Work ?

Form W-9 is used by businesses to get tax information from external parties. The information provided on Form W-9 informs the company of what information to include in the Form 1098 or 1099.

Purpose of Form W-9

Purpose of W-9 is to gather tax information from vendor. When company pays a non-employee or other entity money more than $600 in a year for their service, the company must file it.

Who Can File IRS Form W-9 ?

Independent contracts, vendors, freelancers, gig employees and other non-employees that received payments should fill out a Form W-9.


What is Form W-9 Used for ?

The information obtained on W-9 form is most often used to create a version of Form 1099. A taxpayer may also be asked to furnish a W-9 for cancel debt, student loans or real estate transactions.

Where to Get IRS Form W-9 ?

Form W-9 can be downloaded from the IRS website, or your contractors can complete the form interactively online then print it out and give it to you when it's completed.

Penalties on Form W-9

If you don't furnish W-9, your client must withhold taxes from your earnings at a tax rate of 24%. If taxpayer fails to furnish a correct tax number, is subject to a $50 file for every instance.

How to Fill Out Form W-9 ?


You must complete Form W-9 as soon as you begin to be paid for services as a non-employee or in other situations when the form is requested.