Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)
By the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

What is Identity Protection PIN  ?

Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) is a unique six-digit number provided by the IRS to eligible taxpayers to help prevent fraudulent use of their Social Security numbers on federal tax returns.

What Identity Protection PIN used for ?

The Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) is used as an additional layer of security to verify the identity of eligible taxpayers and protect them from tax-related identity theft and fraud.

Who is Eligible to get an Identity Protection PIN ?

Taxpayers who have experienced identity theft or received an IP PIN invitation letter from the IRS are eligible for an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN).

Where to include the Identity Protection PIN ?

Taxpayer must include IP PIN on their federal tax return. The IP PIN helps the IRS verify the taxpayer's identity and ensures that only the legitimate taxpayer's return is processed.

How to Get IP PIN Reissued ?

To get your IP PIN reissued, you can visit the IRS website and use the "Get an IP PIN" tool, or contact the IRS and follow their instructions for the reissuance process.

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How to Get IRS Identity Protection PIN ?

To obtain IP PIN, eligible taxpayers can visit the IRS website and follow the online prompts or submit form to request an IP PIN for the upcoming tax filing season.