"Job Corps Program"
By U.S. Department of Labor

Requirements, Dates, Locations, Form & How to Apply ?

What is Job Corps ?

Job Corps is a federally-funded program in the United States that aims to provide comprehensive education and vocational training to young adults between the ages of 16 and 24. 

What Types of Training Programs are Available in Job Corps ?

Job Corps offers a wide range of vocational and academic training programs, including healthcare, construction, information technology, and hospitality.

Who is Eligible for Job Corps Program ?

Eligibility for the Job Corps program is open to U.S. citizens or legal residents aged 16 to 24, with a focus on low-income individuals.


How Long Does a Job Corps Program Last ?

A Job Corps program typically lasts between 8 months to 2 years, depending on the specific training and education program chosen by the participant.

Job Corps Enrollment Dates

Job Corps enrollment dates can vary depending on the specific center and its available slots. Job Corps typically accepts new enrollees throughout the year.

Job Corps Locations

To find the specific Job Corps center nearest to you or in a specific location, visit the official Job Corps website or conducting an online search with the keywords "Job Corps center locator".

How to Apply for Job Corps ?

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You can apply for Job Corps by visiting the official website or contacting a local Job Corps center for application information and guidance.