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"Medicare Program"

What is Medicare ?

Medicare is a government national health insurance program in the United States. Medicare enables the elderly and disabled to pay for the necessary medical treatment.

How Does Medicare Works ?

The CMS presently oversees the program. Medicare is broken down into various plans that cover a range of medical circumstances, some of which are paid for by the insured person.

Who is Eligible for Medicare ?

Medicare pays for healthcare services for those who are 65 years of age or older, as well as younger persons who meet certain requirements and those who have certain disorders.


What are the Parts of Medicare ?

Parts A, B, C, D, and Medigap plans make up the various components of Medicare. Each has its own restrictions regarding premiums, deductibles & enrollment. It also covers a particular spectrum of services.

What Does the Medicare Cost ?

The total cost of Medicare will depend on what parts you select for your coverage. For, Medicare coverage, you pay a monthly premium as well as a portion of the costs each time you receive a covered service.

What is Medicare out-of-pocket Maximums ?

This is the amount you are responsible to pay after Medicare pays its share of your medical benefits. The out-of-pocket expenses in 2022 remain at $7,550.

How to Apply for Medicare ?

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To apply you can call Social Security, apply online at SSA website or visit the local Social Security office.