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"Microsoft Stock Price Prediction"


Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company. It known for its software products such as the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office & web browser Internet Explorer.

What is Microsoft Corporation ?

The first half of 2023, Microsoft will be able to surpass the $300 threshold. It is anticipated that the price of MSFT would rise to $312 by year's end from $306 by mid-year.

Microsoft Stock Forecast 2023 

The stock will hit the $400 level in 2024. Microsoft is anticipated to trade at $407 by the middle of the year, rising to $433 by the end of the year.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2024 

MSFT will probably reach $500 in 2025. The estimated cost for mid-2025 is $461. At the end of the year, the Microsoft stock will have increased to $506.

Microsoft Stock Prediction 2025 

In 2026, MSFT stock is anticipated to $600 level. The stock is predicted to reach $557 within the first half of the month and $607 by the end of the year.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2026 

In 2027, the share price of Microsoft is anticipated to $700. After that, it will go better still and end the year at $706. The average price is anticipated to $657.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2027

Microsoft stock is expected to be worth $715. The price of MSFT shares is anticipated to reach $733 by mid-2028. By year's end, it will increase slightly to $748.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2028

The stock price of Microsoft is anticipated to rise sharply in 2029 and reach $755 to $780. The stocks would settle at an average selling price of $764.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2029

In 2030, MSFT stock will reach the $800 level. It is anticipated that the price will increase to $797 within the first 6 months. Before the end of the year stock will trade at $815.

Microsoft Stock Price Forecast 2030 

The price of Microsoft stock may fluctuate between $1720 to $1800. Hence, $1775 should be the average price of Microsoft stock.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2040

Analysts think that Microsoft stock may exceed $2900 in 2050. If so, the cost can be between $2915 and $3000, with an average cost of $2955.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 2050

Should I Invest In Microsoft Stock ?


It's clear that Microsoft (MSFT) stock has made for a good investment. The stock has increased significantly since it was introduced.