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National Homebuyers Fund

What is National Homebuyers Fund ?

NHF is a nonprofit organization that provides down payment assistance grants and other forms of support to help low and moderate income individuals achieve homeownership in US.

How the NHF Grants Works ?

The NHF grant is typically provided as a second mortgage that is subordinate to the primary mortgage. NHF grants can range from 2% to 5% of the purchase price of the home.

Who is Eligible for National Homebuyers Fund ?

To qualify for NHF assistance, homebuyers must meet certain income and credit requirements, as well as complete a homebuyer education course. 


National Homebuyers Fund Income Limits

NHF grants are designed to assist low and moderate income homebuyers. The income requirements vary depending on the program, location and the size of the home being purchased.

How Much is NHF Grant ?

The amount of NHF grant depends on the specific program you qualify for and the funding availability at the time of your application. The maximum grant amount is typically $15,000.

Benefits of NHF Loan

NHF offers grants or 3 year forgiven loans. NHF loan has 3 year repayment period after which the entire loan debt is totally erased. NHF help can be combined with conventional, FHA, VA or USDA loan.

How to Apply for National Homebuyers Fund ?

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NHF grants are available in partnership with approved lenders and can be used to purchase a variety of homes.