World’s first contra-rotating floating wind turbine to begin testing

A new floating vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) design has been developed that could bring wind power to deeper waters offshore.

The design features a contra-rotating rotor that allows it to operate in stronger winds and waves than conventional designs.

The turbine is designed to be anchored to the seabed and float in deeper waters, where wind speeds are higher and more consistent.

The contra-rotating rotor allows the turbine to generate more power from the same amount of wind, making it more efficient than conventional designs.

The turbine is also designed to be more stable in rough seas, reducing the risk of damage or failure.

The design could help to bring wind power to areas that are currently inaccessible to conventional offshore wind turbines, opening up new opportunities for renewable energy generation.

The floating contra-rotating VAWT could be a game-changer for the offshore wind industry, offering a more efficient and reliable way to generate renewable energy from deeper waters.

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