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NIO Stock Forecast


Shanghai-based NIO Inc. is a Chinese firm that specialises in sustainable energy and electric vehicles. The firm develops, produces, and distributes electric vehicles.

What is NIO Stock ?

NIO stock may easily achieve a minimum of $32.45 and cross our maximum range of $37.15 in 2023. NIO as they begin turning a profit on the sales of their vehicles.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2023

NIO will begin to turn a profit in 2023, which might place NIO's pricing in 2024 between $43.80 and $50.15. Investors are also quite optimistic about the company.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2024

By 2025, the NIO stock price is predicted to range from $53.00 to $60.75. NIO Inc.'s sales would expand by 400% between 2022 and 2025 strengthening its position in the industry.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2025

NIO share price is expected to remain between $76.90 to $87.99 in 2026. Although there may be ups and downs due to any unexpected market developments.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2026

Overall, the NIO stock price forecast for 2027 ranges from $99.95 on the low end to $114.40 on the high end. Examine these price targets again before buying NIO stock.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2027

The price range for the NIO stock in 2028 has also been forecasted by certain well-known price prediction websites to be between $124 and 142.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2028

Although it is challenging to forecast pricing targets for young businesses like NIO. The minimum price predicted for NIO stock in 2029 is therefore $157.50.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2029

Apart from the fact that NIO's battery-swapping technology makes them an entirely unique concept in the EV market, the pricing of NIO will be between $201.35 and $230.55 in 2030.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2030

According to our research and that of many experts, the price of NIO in 2040 is likely to easily reach the $967.95 to $1108.10 levels.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2040

The price of NIO stock can range between $2100.05 and $2147.10 at its highest and lowest points, respectively in 2050.

NIO Stock Forecast for 2050

Is NIO a Good Stock to Buy ?


Yes, it is a smart stock to purchase and hold for the long term since NIO has unique technology and will begin turning a profit in 2023.