(Preliminary SAT)

Eligibility, Format, Duration, Fees, Dates & Registration

What is the PSAT ?

The PSAT is a standardized test administered by the College Board in the United States. It serves several important purposes for high school students. Firstly, it's a practice test for the SAT.

Format of PSAT

The PSAT is a multiple-choice and optional essay test, divided into sections for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (comprising Reading and Writing & Language), as well as Math.

PSAT Score Range

The PSAT score range is from 320 to 1520, with separate scores for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (160-760) and Math (160-760), and an optional essay score ranging from 6 to 24.

Who is Eligible for PSAT ?

PSAT is primarily designed for high school students in the US. Specifically, it is typically administered to students in their sophomore (10th grade) and junior (11th grade) years of high school. 


The standard fee for the PSAT is typically around $18, but may vary slightly depending on specific location and policies of administering institution. Fee waivers are available for eligible students.

How Long is the PSAT ?

The PSAT takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete. If you choose to take the optional essay, that will add an additional 50 minutes to the test duration.

PSAT Dates

The PSAT is typically administered once a year in October. However, specific dates can vary from year to year. To get the most accurate information on PSAT test dates, check the official College Board website.

How to Register for PSAT ?

check requirements

To register for the Preliminary SAT, high school students should inquire with their school's guidance counselor or testing coordinator.