Australian Research and Development Tax Incentive

What is the R&D Tax Incentive Australia ?

The Research and Development tax incentive is the government's principal mechanism for encouraging Australian industry investment in research and development.

How the R&D Tax Incentive Is Administered ?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Industry Innovation and Science Australia (IISA) are jointly responsible for the administration of tax incentives.

Who is Eligible for R&D Tax Incentive ?

To be eligible for a tax offset your notional deductions for an income year, must be at least $20,000. If your eligible R&D expenditure is less than $20,000, you can still apply for the offset.

What is Qualified R&D Activities ?

The Australian R&D Tax Incentive Program supports R&D activities that can be shown to follow a set of specific tasks.

What Qualifies As R&D Expenditure ?

Sub-contracted R&D, software, prototyping, testing and independent research costs may all qualify for R&D relief. Capital expenditure, expenditure on distribution and production of goods or services is not eligible.

How Much is the R&D Tax Incentive ?

The Research and Development tax incentive offers a tax exemption of between 18.5% and 43.5% for most companies. Incentives are given based on your company's revenue and profitability.

How to Register for Research and Development Tax Incentive ?

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To apply under R&DTI, you have to access the customer portal.