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"Research Report"

A research report is a comprehensive document that presents the findings, methodology, and analysis of a study or investigation on a particular topic or issue.

What is Research Report ?

Purpose of a research report is to communicate the results, methodology, and significance of a study to inform and contribute to the existing body of knowledge on a specific subject.

Purpose of Research Report

Types of research reports include, Technical Report, Manuscripts for Journal Articles, Thesis and Dissertations, Popular Report, Interim Report, Summary Report and Incident Reports.

Types of Research Report 

Components of a research report typically include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion, providing a structured framework for presenting.

Components of Research Report 

Research reports are important as they serve as a vital means of disseminating and sharing valuable research findings, contributing to the advancement of knowledge & informing decision-making.

Importance of Research Report

Research reports may be limited in their scope, generalizability, and potential bias, which can impact the applicability and reliability of the findings.

Limitations of Research Report