United States
Special Milk Program (SMP)


What is the Special Milk Program ?

The SMP in U.S. offers federal reimbursements for milk provided to children in an outlet that qualifies for participation, such as a school, homeless shelter or child care institutions.

How Does Special Milk Program Works ?

The SMP is run by the FNS and often managed at the state level by State education agencies, who carry out program through contracts with school food authority.

Who is Eligible for Special Milk Program ?

Any child at participating institution or school may receive half pints of milk. SMP available to children whose households meet the income eligibility guidelines for free school meals.

What is the Cost of SMP ?

In school year 2022-2023, the federal reimbursement for each half-pint of milk sold to children is 27.00 cents. The USDA reimburses schools for the net purchase price of the milk for students.

What Types of Milk can be Offered ?

For each age group, the SMP specifies the type of milk that is needed. Only pasteurized fluid varieties of fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk, whether flavored or unflavored are permitted.


How to Apply for Special Milk Program ?

To learn more, potential applicants may contact their State agency. On the website of the Food and Nutrition Service, you can find contact details for state agencies.