"Swiss Bank Account"

Eligibility, Types, Services, Fees, Requirements, Benefits & How to Open an Account ?

What is Swiss Bank Account ?

Swiss bank accounts refer to bank accounts held in Switzerland, which have historically been known for their strict privacy laws and banking secrecy.

Types of Swiss Bank Accounts

Personal Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Corporate/Business Accounts, Investment Accounts, Wealth Management Accounts, Numbered Accounts and Offshore Accounts.

Who is Eligible for Swiss Bank Account ?

Swiss banks now provide services to a broader range of clients, including both residents and non-residents of Switzerland. Below, are some common requirements.


Cost of Opening Swiss Account

Swiss banks charge various fees including, transaction fees, currency exchange fees, and other charges for specific services. You can expect a monthly maintenance fee from CHF 10 to CHF 30.

Services of Swiss Banking 

Swiss banks provide a wide range of banking services, including basic transactions, investment management, wealth advisory services, access to financial markets, and more.

Benefits of Swiss Bank Account

Swiss bank accounts offer international accessibility, financial privacy and confidentiality, ensuring the protection of your assets, while also offering stability and security.

How to Open a Swiss Bank Account ?

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Contact the chosen Swiss bank to initiate the account opening process. This can often be done remotely, but some banks may require an in-person visit.