"Title I Grant Program By U.S. Department of Education"


What is Title I Grant Program ?

Title I provides financial assistance to schools with high percentages, high numbers of children from low-income families, and local educational agencies.

Who is Eligible for Title I Grants ?

Schools in which children from low-income families make up at least 40% of enrollment are eligible to use Title I funds to operate schoolwide programs that serve all children in the school.

What Services Does Title I Program Provide ?

Title I funds are used to improve academic achievement in math and reading. Title I can be used to provide professional development for teachers.

How Much is Title I Grants ?

Title I provides funding to states and districts to improve education for disadvantaged students. Its funding per student is averaging about $500 to $600 a year.

How to Schools Use Title I Funds ?

Schools can spend targeted grants on technology, professional development, summer programs, extended day services and academic instructional staff.

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How to Apply for Title I Grant Program ?

Application for Title I funds must be completed online and submitted on the eGrant system.