"Transitional Living Program (TLP)"

What is Transitional Living Program ?

TLP Program is a type of support program designed to assist individuals in the transition from a structured environment, such as a foster home or group home, to independent living. 

How Transitional Living Program Works ?

Transitional Living Program is designed to provide young adults with the necessary tools and resources to achieve their goals & become self-sufficient members of their communities.

Who is Eligible for Transitional Living Program ?

An individual must typically be between the ages of 16 to 22 and meet specific eligibility criteria, such as having been in foster care or experiencing homelessness.


Services of Transitional Living Program

TLP typically provide a range of services, including housing assistance, life skills training, educational and career planning, counseling, and access to community resources. 

Cost of Transitional Living Program

Cost can vary depending on the location, program type, and level of support provided. Some TLP are subsidized by government agencies or NPO's and may be available at little or no cost.

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How to Apply for Transitional Living Program ?

Start by researching TLPs available in your area. You can search online or contact local organizations, such as youth shelters or social services agencies.