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"Employer Identification Number (EIN)"

What is Employer Identification Number ?

The term employer identification number (EIN) refers to a unique identifier that is assigned to a business entity so that it can easily be identified by the IRS.

How Does the EIN Work ?

EIN are issued by IRS and include information about the state in which the corporation is registered. The agency uses EINs to identify taxpayers that are required to file business tax returns.

Who is Eligible to Get EIN ?

All forms of businesses can apply for EINs. The IRS is not biased toward the size of the company, means even those with only one employee are also eligible for an EIN.


When Business Needs an EIN ?

You need an EIN, if you have employees, operate as corporations or partnerships, file certain tax returns, use Keough Plan or withhold taxes from income other than wages.

Purpose of Employer Identification Number

EIN are issued for the purpose of tax administration and are not intended for participation in any other activities (e.g., tax lien auction or sales, lotteries)

Benefits of Employer Identification Number

Along with tax reporting, EINs allow to open bank accounts, pay employees and apply for credit and more. EINs never expire, even upon the dissolution of a business.

When Do Need a New Employer Identification Number ?

It is necessary to apply for a new EIN upon a change of ownership structure, merger, establishment of a retirement plan or bankruptcy, among other situations.

How to Get an Employer Identification Number (ENI) ?


You can apply for an EIN online, over the phone, via fax or even through mail.