United States
"VA Loan
by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs"

What is a VA Loan ?

With VA loans, veterans, service members, and their surviving spouses can purchase, improve and repair a home, or refinance a mortgage with no down payment and no private mortgage insurance.

How Does a VA Loan Work ?

VA Loan guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, which means that if you default on the loan, the VA will pay your lender a portion of the home value.

Who is Eligible for a VA Loan ?

VA loans are available to active-duty military service member, veterans, and their spouses. Some National Guard members and Reservists may also be eligible.


Types of VA Loan

The VA loan benefit offers qualified Veterans multiple powerful home financing options such as, VA Purchase Loan, VA Cash-Out Refinance, VA IRRRL and VA Energy Efficient Mortgage.

What is the VA Loan Limits ?

There are no limits as to borrow with a VA loan. Qualified veterans with their full VA loan entitlement can borrow as much as a lender is willing to extend, all without a down payment.

Certificate of Eligibility (coe)

COE tells lenders whether you're eligible for a VA loan, and if so, how much you can borrow without making a down payment. The certificate can be obtained from the VA website.

Borrowers can apply for a VA loan more than once, but the funding fee increases when using a VA loan after your first time. VA loans can be reused multiple times, even after foreclosure on a previous VA loan.

How to Apply for a VA Loan ?

VA home loans are provided by private lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies. VA loans are issued through private lenders, but guaranteed by the Veterans Affairs.