Requirements, Locations, Form, Dates, Duration & How Apply for YouthBuild ?

"YouthBuild Program"

What is YouthBuild Program ?

YouthBuild is a comprehensive youth development program designed to empower young individuals who face barriers to education and employment.

Types of Training are Offered in YouthBuild

YouthBuild offers a range of vocational training programs including construction, healthcare, information technology, hospitality, and green energy, among others.

YouthBuild Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for YouthBuild requires individuals to be between the ages of 16 to 24, be a high school dropout or at risk of dropping out & demonstrate a commitment to personal growth through program.


How Long is YouthBuild ?

The duration of a YouthBuild program can vary depending on the specific program and its structure. However, most YouthBuild programs typically last for approximately 6 to 24 months.

How Much Does YouthBuild Pay ?

Amount of stipend can vary depending on the funding, location, and specific policies of the individual YouthBuild, ranging from a modest daily or weekly allowance to a more substantial monthly stipend.

YouthBuild Locations

To find the specific YouthBuild center nearest to you or in a specific location, visit the official website, on the website's homepage, there is a section labeled "Our Programs", click on this section. 

How Apply for YouthBuild Program ?

To apply for the YouthBuild program, individuals can visit the official YouthBuild website or contact their local YouthBuild program provider.